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Promises Comunity Care provides access to mental and emotional help whenever needed. Available 24/7 and with resources many on medicare/medicade can not alwasy recieve.


Middleville, Mi has a growing problem with mental health and substance abuse. They recognize that not all health insurance covers these needs and believes the community could benefit from having something for those who need it.


Creating Promises Community Help clinic provides free Mental health and substance abuse help whenever it's needed. Being open 24/7, with trained professionals from spectrum health, they are able to be available whenever someone is going through a crisis, or just wants someone to help talk them through a tough time. Within having Promises, they have sub-brands, for their Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs. With the Promises logo for mental health being green and substance abuse being red, to help differentiate the different departments.

Community Cares

The logo and branding

The thought behind the logo was that promises community care is committed to making the promise to provide you with the help you need, when you need it. 

When he went to his first visit, the clinic created him a folder, full of information about what they offer. Giving him, a letter, a folder, and business cards.

Promises Community Help has a website where, even though they offer walk-ins, you can also schedule an appointment if you feel the need. Also on the website, you can read blog posts, learn about services, and get location information

The expereince

Kyle Remembers seeing flyers posted all throughout the High School, the Barry County Jail and courtroom, and in local businesses informing him, and many others in his situation that they can get help if needed.

When he went to his first visit, the clinic created him a folder, full of information about what they offer. Giving him, a letter, a folder, and business cards

When Kyle came into the clinic, he noticed right away that everyone was dressed in a more casual way. employees and volunteers who specialize in a specific area, mental health or substance abuse, have shirts that can help identify who specializes in what. Green representing Mental Health and red representing Substance Abuse, with lanyards matching their specialty. Promises also gives their new patients a gray tshirt after their first visit.

Setting up the story

Met Kyle. a young 20-year-old, living in Middleville, Mi. He's got a substance abuse problem, anger issues, and overall poor mental health. Without insurance, the local hospital will refuse to help him when he needs immediate mental help. Causing a straining and difficult problem for him and even his family members as now they need to drive to a different city to get help in an emergency room. He needs somewhere open 24 hours 7 days a week, where he can talk to someone, get help, and do something to let the situation get out of control.

After Kyles first time coming to Promises Community Help, they helped set him up with the app they provide. In the App Kyle is able to do thing slike see his prescriptions that Promises has prescribed, View any test results, Message his providers, Instant Message with a therapist for when he needs someone to talk to at any time, answer questions for check ins, and even read blog posts on how to help with anxiety, stress, and other things.