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Taking our thought of creating a consistent system, we resulted in having a main organization logo with sub-logos for their 2 centers


Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities strive to provide an enriching environment for children and adults living in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood, and beyond.

Group Project

Main Focus: Branding, Website, Typeface Creation


Grandville Avenue wanted a new and updated graphic identity, along with a new website for their organization. 2020 Seniors took a stab at creating an identity and website but could not come to a solution with the client before graduation, leaving my team, class of 2021, with the challenge of getting the client what they wanted from last years team.


Our solution was to present multiple different graphic identities that included, main organization logos, center logos, and program logos/standardization to create a consistent logo identity unlike the their past set of multiple logos. We also created a website to display the organizations classes, programs, staff, board, and event information. 

Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities

The logo and branding

the thought behind the logo and branding was taking the concept of

When given the task of creating an identity refresh, we wanted to take the massive amount of logos they currently had and simplify them dow

We created a visual hierarc display to show them what we thought would be an easy to understand concept

I created worksheets that I had sent to harmony to collect different variations of her handwriting, she filled out a pen, pencil, marker version of upper, lower, and numbers.

Typeface Creation

I took lead on creating our clients a custom typeface of one of their staff members Harmony, resulting in a the harmony typeface


During this process, I got familiar with using the GLYPHS app to create the typeface 

The final product

For the main organization we choose orange, and put classes and programs that didn't align to just one center with this color

The applications

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To go with their identity refresh, we choose to update their colors, using bright and engaging options, to go along with incorporating the ray buttons to match the ray of their logo to use within the system, we wanted to use the kids drawings through all applications of the identity.

We created a website that made sure to show the classes and programs offered, as well as their social media, staff, and key characteristics.

Another essential virtual touchpoint we created was a virtual identity guide, to encourage consistency throughout their assets and making it easy for each staff member to access