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The originals Pepsi 2-liter bottle provides its own disadvantages. One of these being the handling of the product. Without having anything to hold onto it makes it hard fro pouring withouts spilling.


Pouring a 2-liter can be a messy situation. People spill it constantly and need two hands.


Creating a better designs for a 2-liter bottle to help reduce spilling and create a way to pour the beverage using one hand.


Best Practices

When it came to deciding what we should do for our bottle, we looked into lots of best practices. As you can see from the gif, we looked into lemonade bottles, because we thought the handle would be convient for pouring, although, we realized that was not a good solution for our product, we looked at the different types of bottle shapes, which heavily influenced a-lot of our prototyping, and finally we looked into the wine bottle ideas, which will eventually lead us into out final direction.

During our rounds of prototyping, one of the many mediums we explored was clay. Although clay was a less messy alternative, it was difficult to get it to the right size and proportions for making a realistic prototype.

Lots and lots of 3D prototyping were done. We took floral foam, glue, and exacto knives to sculpt different versions of bottles with different grips to explore what would work best for our final product.

The prototyping

Lots of different version of prototyping were attempted when creating this design, from sketches, to clay, to paper, to sytrofoam.

Lots and lots of 3D renderings were made form the Product Design student. Using her talents she created this prototype that we could use to create a realistic version of what our product might end up looking on the shelves.

User Testing

For every product and design, you should always look into user testing. Here we tested how different people pour a full 2-liter of pop. After observing this we took into consideration that not everyone can fit their entire hand around the bottle and needed a better way to grip the product.

The final prototyping

After the help of our product engineering student in creating the final rendering of our package design we got to move forward with the final physical prototype

Before we could create our final version of our product, we needed to decide how we wanted to do the logos. We decided to go for a more minimalistic approach, as most 2 liter bottles have lots of graphics. We thought this would be a different way to stand out from the competition

After lots of prototyping, changes, UX method testing, we finally came up with a product that could stand out in the crowd. As you saw, we created a bottle with hand groves that replicate fingers, with the indent of the wedge of a hand. Doing this made it so that most consumers were able to safely pour the beverage with one hand.

How a product looks on a shelf is what makes it stand out in a crowd. With the new redesign of the Pepsi bottle, not only does it make it easier to use, but with the minimalistic design and finger grooves, you can see it stand out in the shelve presence.